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Research Consultation Pros provides you with one-on-one consultation and assistance for all of your dissertation and thesis research and statistics needs from start to finish, including help with your:

Dissertation Help

Thesis Help

For Undergraduates


We also provide research and statistical assistance to undergraduates and professionals, including SPSS and statistics tutoring!

Regardless of where you are in the dissertation or thesis process, Research Consultation Pros can help you complete your research or statistics project quickly and efficiently. We work with the comments and suggestions of your dissertation or thesis advisor and committee, not in competition with them, to provide professional, personalized, and reliable consultation services to doctoral and masters level students who are working on all phases of their dissertation or thesis, from topic development to final defense and publication of your dissertation or thesis.

We also know that doctoral and masters level students are far from being independently wealthy. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, fast and competent dissertation and thesis help that can save you money in tuition, candidacy and review fees, as well as time away from work and family.

The consultants with Research Consultation Pros are all Ph.D.s, collectively have more than 75 years of research experience and have helped literally hundreds of students complete their dissertation and/or thesis.